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VIVA Costa Rica: Spring Break 2016

A Parent's Post Trip Perspective:

Wow! All I can say, I think this has been a life changing experience for my child... the volunteer opportunities of helping paint a building, and interacting with the local children really made a lasting impression on her about helping others. I noticed she has been more willing to help out around the house, and really get things done since she has been back. Another positive of the trip, was that she is making better food choices – fresh versus fast food. And finally, she learned & fell in love with surfing! You can’t go wrong with learning a new skill to keep active.

To answer your questions:

  1. First thing my child did when she got home from her trip was tell us over & over that she wants to go back! Would move to Samara if she could!

  2. She grew over the course of her experience in Costa Rica by expanded her views on a much simpler way of life, and has helped fine tune her coordinating skills. + see 1st paragraph.

  3. The trip didn’t deepen my understanding of lacrosse specifically, but did confirm with my daughter that sports & volunteering open your life to all sorts of opportunities.

  4. My daughter’s favorite part of the trip was definitely the surfing. The most meaningful, working with the locals and seeing their lifestyles.

  5. Other than falling in love with the surf instructor, my daughter was her normal self at connecting with others.

  6. I am beyond happy that we sent her on this trip. Especially at this age in her life. This trip once again allowed her to see the sacrifices dad & I make for her to enjoy her life & confirmed to always be learning & helping others in the process. Gave her an opportunity to be responsible for herself, and make her own decisions. Opened up her views as to what is important in life, the things you can live without, and what sticking to a plan and a budget can get you.

  7. I would send her on another trip with VIVA!

Thank you for doing this with the girls! Life changing experience!!

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