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Philippines Lacrosse & Service: Summer 2016

This summer VIVA Lacrosse and Encore Lacrosse are teaming up to provide 40 high school and incoming college aged lacrosse players the opportunity of a lifetime. They are headed to the Philippines July 26th - August 8th to assist the Philippines Lacrosse Association in growing the game at four locations on two different islands. The goal of the trip is to showcase and teach the game of lacrosse to the Filipino people while assisting and building sustainable lacrosse programs throughout the country.

The 20 girls selected for the trip will play a special role in the development of sport and lacrosse in the Philippines. Currently there are no structured female lacrosse teams in the Philippines. However, by the end of the trip they will have aided in the creation of two programs, University of Makati and Silliman University. These two teams in addition to the youth programs they will be working with throughout their trip will feed into the first ever Women's Philippines National Lacrosse team. Needless to say, the work that these young ladies will do during their two weeks in the Philippines will forever be a part of Filipino history.

In addition to the lacrosse aspect of the trip, players will also complete various volunteer projects. They will also be experiencing the Filipino culture through traditional meals and adventure excursions such as snorkeling, hiking, and ziplining.

This is truly an experience that neither country will soon forget.

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To learn more about Philippines Lacrosse Association (PLA) you can visit their website at

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